Thursday, 4 April 2013

An interview with Kayleigh Falcus

Since meeting Kayleigh Falcus we have been constantly impressed by her super sleek designs and her ability to be one of the most down to earth ladies we have met. She's a truly impressive and motivated young designer who we are sure that you will see much more of. Not only do we follow her religiously online but we have also had the privilege to have her exhibit her work at our craft events. Not only is she studying for her BA (Hons), she is sponsored by Bay Plastics Ltd and she successfully makes an impact at design shows! This is one hard working designer you can not afford to miss!


Here is a cheeky little interview with the designer herself!

Hi Kayleigh,

Would you like to introduce yourself?
My name is Kayleigh Falcus and I am 20 years old. I am from Gateshead but study in Hartlepool at Cleveland College of Art and Design. Currently I am working towards completing my degree at CCAD. I am on my 3rd year studying BA (Hons) Textile and Surface Design. I completed a BTEC in Art and Design in Secondary School with a triple merit and then went onto complete a National Diploma in Fashion and Textiles with triple distinction grades. With the national diploma, the first year we experimented with both fashion and textile briefs and then majored in one by the final year. I had my head set on being a fashion designer. However my tutor seen more potential in my textile work. After this I applied for the FdA Contemporary Textile Practice at Newcastle College and was accepted. After one year I felt I could gain more from studying outside of local bubble. I was accepted onto the second year FdA Textiles Contemporary Practice at Cleveland College of Art and Design and loved it! I'm now on the final year of the BA Textile and Surface Design course after graduating my FdA with a merit at Cleveland College of Art and Design .

When did you realise that you have a creative mind for design?
I've always been very creative and artistic and my mam always gave me creative license and I grew up with a pencil in my hand. We always had art materials around the house and so it just seemed like a natural progression as I wasn't very academic in school. I think without art a little piece of me would be very lost. Personally I find art a massive part of my expression. I never knew fully up until recent years which direction I wanted to go in career wise in the artistic industry but I never worried about it.

What is your favourite piece of work or project you have created?My favourite collection has to be my last collection I created which is called "Our Bodies Are Machine" which was inspired by a family member. The collection is based on bionic humans and how people in your life can be considered as "superhuman" to some extent as a child. There are little links, connections and personal details to the family member who inspired the collection. To the naked eye it would just appear as a futuristic collection but to me I know all these details are very personal to myself. My latest collection is an extension of this so this part of my design career is definitely a labour of love on an emotional level.

Is there any art medium that you have never tried but wish to pursue?
I tend to work in many different mediums depending on how I feel at the time of certain briefs. I've used pen, pencil, inks, paint, acrylic, emulsion, spray paint and collage throughout my work. I continue to experiment constantly. One thing I haven't tried is filling water balloons up with paint and then pinning them to a canvas and throwing darts at them. I seen it on a film once and would love to try it! Also I'd love to work on a huge scale canvas in the style of Jackson Pollock. I think there is something very freeing about having no control over where paint lands.


Messy hectic studio or clinical studio?
I would definitely choose a messy studio any day! The tutors at uni always ask me how I manage to work or find anything under piles of paper, research and paintbrushes. Although, having said that my final products tend to end up very slick, clean and clinical and I think in some way that is a resistance of the creative industry being so chaotic and a combination of my working process being so crazy. Having the final product at the end of a messy process is satisfying to see it so clean and minimalistic.

What are you working on at the minute?
Currently I am working on my Final Major Project before I graduate. As earlier mentioned it is an extension of the "Our Bodies Are Machines" which I am experimenting extensively with techniques and materials. That project was inspired my bionic humans and how our bodies will only last as long as we treat it properly but also how relatives are superhuman to children. Technological advances and the journey of life also brought a new element to this project whilst looking at travel and distance between others.

What are your plans after graduation?
Once I graduate I need to find a job to support myself as well as looking into some freelance illustration maybe whilst trying to set up my business with my jewellery. Networking and attending events is vital for me to extend my creative network so I still plan on doing that. After my business is set up, the world is my oyster. Who knows?! I'll be working very hard to get my jewellery into stores and boutiques so keep your eyes peeled! Also I have a lot of other projects outside of university which keep me very busy like craft fairs hosted by The Factoree. Recently I also had a stall at a fashion show held by designer, Christopher Niari in Newcastle. Christopher also selected my earrings to go into the VIP goody bags at the event. I am also working on an international collaboration with a print artist. I have lots more in the pipeline so watch this space!

Thanks Kayleigh!

Seriously though check KF out. It's exciting to think about the future for her and her brand. Massive love and respect for her.

Check Kayleigh Falcus out @ or Facebook. Please note all images are copyrighted to Kayleigh Falcus only

    Monday, 18 March 2013

    Get Messy? Yes please!

    So, we have decided that we are tired. What of you may ask? We are tired of having nothing to do. Tired of the same old same old. We need something spontaneous, something fun to look forward to. We need a laugh!

    'Get Messy' is our newest adventure. We have organised a super fun, much needed night of life model sketchiness. Since we are technically in spring (bearing in mind it snowed today in Hartlepool) we have gone for an over the top spring flower theme. Our model will be super fine, the bar will be serving and basic materials provided.

    Come along and have a paint and a pint! There ain't much else exciting to do on a Tuesday now is there?

    Monday, 11 March 2013

    WAKE UP!

    We have another huuuge event coming up. We've been really busy here at Factoree HQ. check out the flyer designed by us. We've just had 1,000 of these babies printed so watch out Hartlepool, we're coming to get ya!

    Thursday, 31 January 2013

    New New New


    Where to start?

    We have been MEGA busy lately. As well as making hundreds of pom poms, knitting our fingers off and tie dying til the wee hours of the morning we have some new stuff to show you guys.

    First of all though we would like to give thanks to all of our new followers. We've had loads of people interested in what we are up to and since the success of 'Handmade' (8&9Dec) we are in touch with some pretty cool new people on a daily basis.

    Now. To the craft stuff.
    These images below are some of our new items... Soon to be available on our Etsy shop.

    Check them out, leave feedback as we'd really like to know all of your crafty thoughts!

    Mucho Love xxx

     Blue Hand Knitted Chain Necklace

     Tie Dyed Vest with Hand knitted trim

     Tie Dyed vest with Red ruffled Trim
     Pink Hand Knitted chain necklace

     We now do children's socks!

    Okay so this bag is the one I've been waffling about for a while, over 500 pom poms but cute as a button!

    Over the shoulder shoppers net bag covered in pom poms.

    Wednesday, 19 December 2012

    HMS The Factoree

    Hey guys!

    We just got emailed some photos from our good friend Chris Armstrong from a craft fair we attended a few weeks back on the HMS Trincomalee as part of the Hartlepool Maritime Experience.
    Take a look it was really fun!
    Cold but fun :)


    Monday, 10 December 2012

    Handmade Craft Fair

    We have had the best weekend ever. We have celebrated our first event and it's safe to say it was a complete success! The venue, The Studio looked amazing, everyone's stall looked fab and everything went swimmingly.

    Take a look at our photo's below. It really was magical!